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We guide you toward World-Class Sales and Marketing that creates a reliable flow of leads and deals.

Bring Your Sales and Marketing Team Together

More Leads

Capture the demand in your market with powerful content for your prospects.

More Deals (quicker)

Get ahead of objections on a scale to close deals faster with higher win rates.

More Trust

Become the most trusted voice in your space with great transparency.

Feeling lost in your Sales and Marketing Tactics?

Many Business Leaders don't see (enough) results from their Marketing and Sales Efforts:

You don't get the same traffic and leads

You're losing too many deals to competitors

Your Marketing and Sales Team point fingers for lacking results

Your ROI on your agency and/or tooling investments are lacking

Main benefits of Reliable Revenue

You are equipped to drive revenue with your team

Your Marketing Team is equipped to research and create content on the most relevant topics.

Your Sales team is enabled to be authoritative in sales cycles while using content and video effectively.

Your Management feels confident to coach the teams with their hard and soft skills

Your Sales and Marketing Team works as one Team

Your Marketing team is providing robust content and is ready to close opportunities with your sales team

Your Sales team provides excellent insights and knowledge back to the marketing team

They learn together, they're both accountable and both teams enjoy the collaboration

Your Marketing is finally creating more Sales

You attract qualitative visitors with effective sales content based on their search intent.

Your prospects are well educated and in their validation stage when raising their hand to sales

Your sales team is enabled with online content to share with prospects during the sales cycle

Driving change can feel overwhelming but shouldn't

As a former executive -  leading marketing, sales, and customer success teams - I know this can be overwhelming. I will guide you through this (sometimes rocky) path utilizing proven frameworks, the success, and failure stories of companies ahead of you, and by bringing in specialists where necessary. 

Lucas Doornhein, your Sales & Marketing Coach and Trainer

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Find out what others said about my engagements:

Luciano Cunha

The Netherlands

"He is target-oriented and ambitious. His knowledge in the execution of They Ask You Answer and Assignment Selling is extensive. Lucas is constantly learning and growing continually with an open mind.

Lucas is loyal, insightful, and independent. He leads by example and his teams find his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating."

Deepa Nambiar

Content Manager

"He has been instrumental in driving, "They Ask You Answer" adoption, enabling the content team to fuel their content engine with the actual questions that customers ask.

Lucas never shies away from a challenge, whether content-related or marketing metrics. I am sure he will bring out the best in people and inspire any team he coaches."

Christian Woldersgaard

Chief Sales Officer

Lucas is an ambitious and driven GTM strategist with a sharp focus on data and digital. He can bring his strategies to fruition fostering change and outcomes. 

How to get started



Assess Your Sales and Marketing Maturity Directly

Follow our digital course and fill in the assessment followed by a video call to understand and assess the maturity of your marketing and sales practice.

Course and Assessment

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Find Strategic Sales and Marketing Alignment

Bring your Sales and Marketing (leadership) teams together in an alignment session and get hands-on with your content marketing strategy.

Full-Day Session (In-House)

Plan Your Alignment Session


Choose Your Level of Training and Enablement

Choose a Training and Coaching Program that fits your business needs: Get your digital program started or choose a coach-led program.

€1500 to €6000 /month

Choose Your Program Level

Step 4

Capture Demand with Selling Content

You publish articles about the most pressing questions prospects ask and by doing so you create and capture the demand in your industry.


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