Your Guide to World-Class Sales and Marketing to bring you in the lead

As a former executive - leading marketing, sales, and customer success teams - I have been in your shoes. From my own experience, I've seen that implementing They Ask, You Answer along with running commercial operations can be hard. 

I will guide you through this (sometimes rocky) path utilizing proven frameworks, the success, and failure stories of companies ahead of you, and by bringing in specialists where necessary.

Revenue should be reliable, don't just build a system for tomorrow - but build something for the long-term success of your business

Core Values


Radical stands for complete change as well as thorough analysis and understanding, it got something in it related to disruption, breaking, and complete change - don’t scratch the surface but go deep into changing cultures.


Reliable stands for consistency of quality and performance that can be trusted, it relates to the proven systems, methodologies, and experiences that come along.

Tune in on simple and powerful frameworks 

Scaling Up, They Ask You Answer, and StoryBrand are proven business frameworks that I’ve used to succeed for businesses of all sizes and maturities.

I have worked in start-up, scale-up and enterprise organizations and the basics of those models apply everywhere (while the way-how-to-get-there can defer).


When are we a match?

Your Business is Succesful

You've gone through the first start-up cycle and are ready for scale. Or you've found yourself stuck in the scale-up cycle for some time.

Your Business is Complex

While most methodologies I use apply to all businesses, I find most joy in guiding the teams of IT/SaaS and Technical Organizations. 

Your Business is Ready

Your business needs a change. You're clear that the old-way isn't working any longer and you need to adapt to the new buyer.

When are we not a match?

Your Business is on the edge

All my efforts are focused on making revenue reliable, something you can rely on now and for the future.

After putting in the effort you will immediately see the impact on sales cycle length, it will take 4-18 months before you see the transformation. 

Your Business Leaders are not aligned

Succesful companies have an aligned leadership around what needs to be achieved. 

They Ask, You Answer has to be on the priority list and can't be done as a side project. 

Are your Sales and Marketing Teams aligned?

Bring your teams together in a workshop to create alignment and kick off a new way of Marketing and Sales.

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