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Your Sales and Marketing team can work as one Revenue Team

Take ownership of your growth:

  • Get a constant inflow of visitors, leads, and deals

  • Become the most reliable voice in your space

  • Shorten your sales cycles

You just need to be trained

In Mastery Coaching, you’ll learn how to finally take control of sales and marketing.


In The Next 12 Months, You Could…

  • Become the most trusted voice in your space
  • Finally control your company's growth
  • See the sales and marketing results you've been waiting for

Our experts make sure you avoid the common obstacles that companies face when trying to implement They Ask, You Answer to grow their business.



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How do you keep the momentum of your Sales and Marketing Mastery?

Many business owners who read They Ask, You Answer find it’s the digital marketing strategy and framework they’ve been looking for. However, many who try to implement the framework on their own, typically get off to a strong start, but lose momentum.

Our programs are designed to keep momentum:

  • Teach your teams 'how to fish'
  • Have structured accountability
  • Graduate from our program in 12-18 months

What's Included In The Program...

Based on our 90 days rhythm we will define the priorities of areas we'll work on together, based on the capacity of your teams and the progress on our scorecards.


Producing content that generates revenue

The success of your marketing efforts is highly dependent on the success of your content. Learn how to create the best content:

  • How to attract, hire, and onboard the right content manager
  • What topics to write about to get the best return
  • How to make the content friendly for the user and search engines

This area enables the content marketing team to produce qualitative content that attracts the right traffic, leads, and customers.


Integrating content into your sales process

The speed of your sales cycle has a direct relation to the speed of the education of all stakeholders. Integrating content into your sales process will speed up the sales cycle length, and increase your teams' productivity:

  • Learn what content will fit for education during the sales engagement
  • Introduce the content wisely - so your prospects care about it
  • Be the authoritative seller and get ahead of objections 

This area gives the right skills and mindset to your sales team to be more productive in all sales cycles.


Filming videos that shorten the sales cycle

Understand the power of building trust before your first appointment. Learn from best practices to create videos that really move the needle:

  • What type of videos are most effective - and how to create them
  • Usage of personal (1-1) video at the start of your sales cycle
  • How to create videos in a way that stands out from the crowd

This area provides the right skills to your sales team and your video professional(s).


Tracking Marketing ROI with a tool like HubSpot

All progress of marketing and sales efforts needs to create new business at the end of the day. Use a tool like Hubspot to track your ROI:

  • Learn how to use, maintain, and share Hubspot Dashboards 
  • Keep your CRM data clean with a clear understanding and process
  • Easily share your results with your main (leadership) stakeholders

This area gives you the data and confidence that you drive your efforts in the right direction.

This Program Is For You If...

Your Marketing and Sales Leaders believe...

  • That buyer behavior is changed

  • Your Sales and Marketing team can collaborate more effectively
  • Your website should give answers to all customer questions and concerns
  • That They Ask, You Answer can help you overcome those obstacles

I'm Lucas Doornhein

As a former executive - leading marketing, sales, and customer success teams - I have been in your shoes. From my own experience, I've seen that implementing They Ask, You Answer along with running commercial operations can be hard. 

I will guide you through this (sometimes rocky) path utilizing proven frameworks, the success, and failure stories of companies ahead of you, and by bringing in specialists where necessary.

"He is a target-oriented, ambitious and his knowledge in the execution of They Ask You Answer and Assignment Selling is extensive."

- Luciano Cunha

"He has enabled the content team to fuel their content engine with the real questions that customers ask."

- Deepa Nambiar


- Christian Woldersgaard

Sales and Marketing Mastery

Digital Program


Recommended with less then 4 team members (sales + marketing)

  • 90 days planning sessions
  • Weekly homework and online guidance
  • Online training for the sales and marketing team

Coach-led Program


Recommended with more then 4 team members (sales + marketing)

  • 90 days planning sessions
  • Bi-weekly Accountability Meetings with your Leadership
  • Weekly personalized training for your sales and marketing team
  • Direct access to Sales, Marketing, Video, and Hubspot Experts
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*All companies participating in the Mastery program pay a one-time €2,000 set-up fee at the start of the agreement.



You can set up a time to talk with our advisors, who can provide guidance on where you are on your They Ask, You Answer journey and which package is the right fit for you.

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